Heuro Canada transforms lives.

For millions of Canadians, life with a brain injury is a reality.

Heuro Canada provides innovative treatment programs rooted in evidence-based principles of neuroplasticity that can improve the lives of individuals living with traumatic brain injury.

The Heuro Program

Heuro clinics offer comprehensive, client-focused care plans that include innovative assessments, treatments, and technologies that promote neuroplastic healing. For people affected with neurological symptoms, these plans maximize the potential for a better life.

Appointments are made by physician referral only. Download the form here for referral.

Once your physician has completed the form, please send to the Heuro clinic you wish to complete treatment in.

Find a Heuro Treatment Clinic near you

Clinics currently accepting clients
Montreal, QC
Neurotherapy Montreal
1140 Beaumont,
T.M.R., Montreal, QC H3P 3E5

Surrey, BC
Surrey Neuroplasticity Clinic
Suite 204, 13737 96 Ave.
Surrey, BC, V3V 0C6
P: 1-604-424-8280
F: 1-888-597-8564

Toronto, ON
Coming soon

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