The potential for transforming the lives of individuals experiencing neurological symptoms with innovative treatments.

Heuro™ Canada provides unique and non-invasive treatment programs to select neurological rehabilitation clinics across Canada.

Heuro™ clinics offer comprehensive, client-focused care plans that include innovative assessments, treatments, and technologies that promote neuroplastic healing. For people affected with neurological symptoms, these plans maximize the potential for a better life.

Heuro™’s Approach

The therapies that Heuro™ offers enable the brain’s own ability to change. One such therapy provides an intensive, state-of-the-art neurological rehabilitation plan featuring PoNS (Portable Neuromodulation Stimulator) Treatment. Pairing this innovative medical device with physical therapy may help individuals with brain injury maximize their potential to improve balance.

Comprehensive assessments including NeuroCatch™

All decisions related to your care are evidence-based, with each step of the program supported by a team focused on ensuring the treatment is as successful as possible.

Unique, non-invasive PoNS™ treatment options

The PoNS™ device is paired with physical therapy to encourage neuroplasticity to help the brain heal itself.