On February 19th, over 60 attendees braved the weather to celebrate the Surrey Neuroplasticity Clinic’s grand opening! Held at the Clinic’s facility in Surrey’s Health and Technology District, the event welcomed neurologists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists as well as staff from Helius, Heuro Canada, HealthTech Connex and the clinic itself.

Representing the Office of Stephanie Cadieux, MLA from Surrey South, Lucy Redies presented a scroll commemorating the opening to Kirk Fisher, Larry Fisher and Dr. Ryan D’Arcy of HealthTech Connex.

Rudi van den Broek, Managing Director of Heuro Canada, shared his remarks on the opening of only the second Heuro Clinic in the world. Acknowledging the hard work of getting the clinic ready to begin offering the innovative Heuro Program, he says “we are passionate about what we do and we are steadfast in helping as many people as we can. At Heuro Canada, we are working to expand our clinics so we can help more people reach their potential after a traumatic brain injury.”

Phil Deschamps, Dr. Jonathan Sackier and Dr. Ryan D’Arcy spoke of the technology and research behind the PoNS™ Device and other exciting innovations in the field of brain health.  

After these presentations, Tori Etheridge, Surrey Neuroplasticity Clinic’s Rehabilitation Supervisor, introduced the clinic and gave insight about its services to attendees.   

The entire Surrey Neuroplasticity Clinic team celebrating the grand opening!

Thanks to the amazing food and beverage services provided by Jennifer Fryer of The Lazy Gourmet, and our wonderful photographer Jade Stone!

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