The Heuro Program has the potential to improve balance for individuals who have had a mild-moderate Traumatic Brain Injury (mmTBI). Pairing the innovative PoNS (Portable Neuromodulation Stimulator) Treatment™ with physical therapy, the Heuro Program is a great neurological rehabilitation plan for many looking for help overcoming the lingering effects of their brain injury.

Talk to your physician if you are interested in treatment. As they know you and your health history, they can complete a form that refers you for the program.

What is the referral for?

The only place to access the Heuro Program is through a Heuro Treatment Clinic. A referral is required to book a consultation with a clinic, making the form an essential part of the process. Filling out a referral form communicates your primary care provider’s information to the clinic you plan to start treatment at, ensuring that consent is given so you can receive treatment outside of your primary care provider.

You can download the referral form here.

It also outlines the reason for referral, whether the patient is experiencing certain issues or has conditions that may be improved by the Heuro Program such as balance. Not sure if your balance is off? Read this article for more information.

Following this process will also keep your physician up-to-date with your progress in the Heuro Program (with your consent, of course!). Your chosen clinic will send reports back to your referring doctor, listing the treatment received and goals achieved.

How do I get a referral?

Set up an appointment with your physician to speak about the Heuro Program and how it can improve balance through concentrated, one-on-one physical therapy and neurotechnology. If you’re in BC, you can arrange for a virtual consult with a doctor with EQVirtual.

After your physician has filled out the form, send the completed document to your chosen clinic and set up your consultation appointment. This free 15-minute consultation will help determine if the Heuro Program is right for you.

Need to locate a clinic? Visit our Find a Clinic page to contact open clinics. You can also vote for a clinic near you, and check out our map of planned clinics on the same page!

Does my doctor need to be Canadian?

Yes, your referral needs to be completed by a Canadian physician. As the Heuro Program is currently only available in Canada, Heuro Treatment Clinics require a referral from within the Canadian healthcare system.

Learn More About Heuro

The Heuro Program features PoNS Treatment™, an intensive, customized state-of-the-art neurological rehabilitation plan that is evidence-based. Learn more about the research behind Heuro here. Stay in touch with the latest news from Heuro by following us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram or subscribing to our newsletter.