Right now, as you read this, your brain is sending signals through a vast network of neural connections in mere milliseconds. It’s pretty impressive.

Healthy brain function governs everything you are able to do on a daily basis. However, for millions of Canadians, a mild or moderate traumatic brain injury impacts their lives in a variety of ways, affecting how they move around and manage everyday activities.

Different treatment offers hope. One such treatment in the Heuro™ Program features the brain’s ability to change: neuroplasticity.

Defined as the brain’s ability to form new neural connections — pathways made up of brain cells (neurons) that are responsible for brain function — neuroplasticity is an exciting concept. The Heuro™ Program uses approaches that can leverage neuroplasticity as an important healing process.

Here are the top three things you need to know now about neuroplasticity — and why it matters:

1. Plasticity means change is possible.

Your brain isn’t “hardwired” and incapable of change.

As the name implies, plasticity means that change in the brain is possible.

This means that healing is also possible — and function can be regained over time for a brain impacted by a concussion.

2. You can retrain the adult brain.

Yes, even during adulthood, the brain has been shown to exhibit plasticity.  

This is promising for individuals experiencing symptoms or effects of a concussion — which may not always appear at the time the injury occurs. Symptoms, whether developed immediately after an injury or later on, can cause challenges in daily functioning. They may even cause long-term problems if not addressed or diagnosed.

This is where breakthroughs come into play.

3. Breakthroughs in the study of neuroplasticity are happening.

By studying neuroplasticity, researchers are learning more about the brain’s ability to heal in order to replace any connections that were lost due to injury.

Powerful therapeutic programs that combine the latest cutting-edge research with neurotechnology have been shown to significantly improve symptoms, such as chronic gait and balance deficits, from a previous mild-to-moderate traumatic brain injury (mmTBI). Learn more about the treatment used in the Heuro™ Program here.  

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