We believe anyone who has survived a brain injury should have the opportunity to maximize their potential and quality of life.


(Portable Neuromodulation Stimulator)

PoNS Treatment™: Restoring balance through noninvasive neuromodulation

The PoNS™ device is intended for use as an acute treatment of chronic balance deficit due to mild-to-moderate traumatic brain injury (mmTBI), and is to be used in conjunction with physical therapy. The device is limited to prescription use.
PoNS™ device

About PoNS Treatment™

PoNS Treatment™ is an intensive, customized, state-of-the-art neurological rehabilitation plan. Built on science and research, PoNS Treatment™ has been shown to help people with chronic balance deficit caused by mild-to-moderate traumatic brain injury (mmTBI).

This treatment was shown in a 26-week clinical trial to restore balance to the normal range for a majority of study participants. For most participants, this balance improvement persisted during a predefined 12-week follow-up period after discontinuation of treatment, suggesting retention of the treatment effect.

Learn more about PoNS Treatment™ at ponstreatment.ca.

In patients who have experienced an mmTBI

The moment of impact can have a lasting effect

Chronic balance deficit often has a significant negative impact on the
capacity to return to work and quality of life.
Dizziness / coordination

Dizziness / Coordination

Difficulty walking

Difficulty walking

Trouble climbing stairs

Trouble climbing stairs

Difficulty completing everyday tasks

Difficulty completing everyday tasks

High risk of falling

High risk of falling

When symptoms persist, evidence indicates that neurostimulation combined with physical therapy can potentially affect rehabilitation outcomes

PoNS Treatment™ provides an innovative and effective therapy

The Treatment pairs the PoNS™ device with specific physical and cognitive exercises

  • The device is portable and simple to use
  • During each session, the patient places a paddle-shaped mouthpiece on the tongue and wears a controller around the neck. Patients feel a mild sensation while using the device
  • Patients have complete control over the intensity throughout the training
  • PoNS Treatment™ is conducted by PoNS™ Trainers—rehabilitation therapists who complete specialized training through a certification course
Person using PoNS™ device

How can PoNS Treatment™ help to improve your balance?

  • PoNS Treatment™ combines mild stimulation of the tongue with targeted training
  • Translingual stimulation of the trigeminal and facial nerves initiates a cascade of neural activity, resulting in neuromodulation
  • Multiple sequential training sessions lead to reduction of symptoms
  • The combination of stimulation with targeted training may enhance the neuroplastic effect, which results in functional improvements in balance and gait

The Heuro™ Program uses approaches to leverage this important healing process

How PoNS Treatment™ works
How PoNS Treatment™ works

How do I get started with the Heuro™ Program featuring the PoNS Treatment™?

Step 1

Talk to your doctor to be referred for treatment. 

Download the physician referral form here.

Step 2

Contact a Heuro™ Treatment Clinic near you and set up a 15-minute consultation. Once your referral form has been completed, send the form to your chosen clinic.

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Step 3

Visit the clinic to start the treatment.

Treatment financing

Financing is available to help you access the Heuro Program and improve affordability of the program costContact a clinic to explore treatment options and cost.

Triad of care

Our model of care is composed of three essential elements: noninvasive and innovative medical devices, physical therapy, and a personalized care team supporting our clients along each step of the way. The Heuro Program is constantly evaluated and fine-tuned to ensure we offer the most up-to-date treatments possible.